Case Studies

Middlesex University Institute for Work Based Learning has developed a generic doctoral framework for the Doctorate in Professional Studies (DProf) in which a wide range of vocational pathways can be developed. DProf is a transdisciplinary degree programme designed for advanced practitioners making significant contributions to their organisation, community, or professional field. As a unique Doctorate level degree, DProf is based on research and development with a strong emphasis on the latter aspect. 

The journey of DProf begins with ontology of the practitioner using the tools of systemic reflection to investigate learning acquired through professional practice. DProf candidates are encouraged to develop a paradigm that is relevant and adequate to their professional practice. 

The programme is characterised by several features such as 

  • Gaining self-knowledge 
  • Working collaboratively with others in an intricate and dynamic community of practice to create new learning 
  • Increasing the essential resources of that community. 

There is often engagement with abstract, human-related, previously undervalued knowledge. While expert knowledge and individual leadership is essential, the knowledge created by synthesising diverse information is equally sought. The outcomes are real-time projects with tangible results that have a purpose within a responsible set of values and ethical considerations. 

The generic framework provided by the DProf programme has now been developed into specialist validated pathways with other Middlesex University schools and partner institutions. A Doctorate in Professional Studies is also run in the School of Health and Social Sciences with a specialist focus on health/environment. 
In year 2010 54% of the doctorate degrees awarded by Middlesex University were DProfs. 

Here are a few examples of DProfs from Middlesex University’s, Institute for Work Based Learning. 

Eunice Aquilina 
Director at Eaconsult, completed the programme in 2008. 
Eunice Aquilina studied with i-Coach Academy, one of the partners of IWBL. Her doctorate research looked at how coaching conversations contribute to Organisational Development.

Fery Ghazi 
Principal Lecturer in the School of Health and Social Sciences, Middlesex University 
Fery Ghazi completed her DProf on the Internationalisation of Education in 2008.i The title of her project is “Developing a masters curriculum for University of Welfare and Rehabilitation in Tehran/Iran by exploring social support and social network in Iranian women with children under school age.”
link to DProf:  

Niki Menelaou 
Lecturer and Director of the International and Public Relations Office at the Frederick University, Cyprus. Niki completed her DProf in 2004. Her research focuses into in Cultural Administration and Policy and is titled “An evaluation of the administrative processes and an enhancement strategy for policy formation at the cultural services of the Ministry of Education in Cyprus.”  link to DProf :  

Rohan Bedi 
Senior Money, Laundering Risk Executive for Asia at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He commenced his study for a Doctorate in Professional Studies by Public Works in 2008 and for his Doctorate Work based project studied ‘Anti-Money Laundering (AML) – Developing a Global Standard Practice’. 

Peter Williams 
Head of Industry Development at AEGON. Peter completed his DProf in 2008. His project title is “Final 5200 project: what value advice? An investigation into the role played by financial advisers and written guides in the provision of pensions in the UK.” 
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Fran Woodard 
Director at the Modernisation Initiative, GSTFT. 
Fran completed her DProf in 2008, researching “Inter-organisational Clinical Leadership and Engagement”.  
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Here is an example of the Doctorate in Occupational Therapy at University of Brighton

Mary Morley
Director of Therapies, South West London & St. Georges Mental Health NHS Trust. Completed in December 2007.
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