Welcome to the International Association for Practice Doctorates (IAPD). The vision for the IAPD emerged over the last three years in our former work in developing a small international Special Interest Group that has continued to grow. The SIG was formed in 2009 following the success of the first International Conference for Professional Doctorates hosted in London by Middlesex University’s Institute for Work-based Learning (IWBL) and the UK Council for Graduate Education (UKCGE) www.ukcge/profdocs 

The IAPD was launched in July 2012. Our purpose in the IAPD is to build an international community of practitioners in professional and practice-led research. The vision of the IAPD is to create the grounds through the international network for a collective voice that can variously inform critical engagement with policy developments in doctoral education that now tend to be located in larger continental areas of the world rather than individual countries. The intention of all of us working to develop the IAPD is to open dialogue and learning involving communities of researchers that historically have tended to remain largely located within such continental spaces around the globe. It now attracts members from higher education institutions across the UK, Australia, continental Europe, India, New Zealand, Scandinavia and Hong Kong and SE Asia.

We encourage researchers, professional and practice-led doctorate students and their supervisors/ advisors to contribute to developing practice through trans- and multi-disciplinary professional and practice-led research, particularly in the context of doctoral degrees. We also work with employers, and professional bodies, including other national associations involving practice doctorates and other stakeholders in the area of professional and practice-based learning. We would like to build on these relationships.

Please click ‘Join us’ if  you are interested in becoming a member of the IAPD, complete the attached information and we will keep you informed regarding new developments and events. Membership is free. We look forward to meeting you.


Professor Carol Costley, Middlesex University (Chair)